2020-07-13,01:38 I feel utterly deranged and have problems relaxing, The release turned out good and songs and poems about carrots was sounding all over the place. I also got secret gift with babycarrots. Also I put up all the tunes and poems at bandcamp and soundcloud. I think they will be a first start for something that will grow over time 😀 I guess i should stop listening to granite hard techno in the middle of the night (:

2020-02-23,22:10 Today have been a perfect day, completely synchronized with pumping techno and drawing clean lineart, shaped together as a single entity. Nobody that disturbed the focus. Splatsquad will rejoice tomorrow and will meet A on tuesday to discuss B project 1 which will be fun. Also 2 portraits are coming together nicely.

2020-01-20 Swenglish, Svenska or Engelska: So why English then when I´m a native Swede speaking person? It´s because its too timeconsuming to make two translations of the same material and most people now English in Sweden. Also I will not put much effort into formatting the text in any decent way, thats not the point, More like whats inside my brain thingie. Malfunction in organizing my life as usual and so on which gives quite the trouble and. I hope break down all what I´ve done and put together all the material with stories of what I contributed to my and others life as an artist since the start, this will be an ongoing project and I´m not sure if I will develope it as a book and, or a part of Bible3000 #3 ( My technocomics magazine that has been released in two issues with and also two cd albums with local techno/industry/synth artists from the region ). The exhibition that I had recently was epic and the biggest I have ever done in terms of both the size and visualize my background to the public for all to read and take part of my most weird stuff, even if there are still more odd stuff that wasn´t shown haha. So Stuff is happening and also new illustrations as usal for the magazine ” Fontänmagasinet “, That mag and my instagram is where lots of artwork goes out to print on a regular basis but. Still It´s not enough, I feel my brain bleeds from not getting it out in faster to public and at a higher speed and of course I guess this is what all of us artists struggle with, how to get out into the public. The goal is not money at the top its to provide individual thoughts and meet fellow human beings into my world that appreciate this. Carrottribe is growing. Also I´ve found some artist that I would hope to make a exhibition together with later on. Many people have said they where interested but it all breaks down to just talk so its nice to welcome L,C,T to Carrottribe

First blogpost 2020-01-14 00:57……………………… Sleep deprived as usually Puh….Tidious crap to build a homepage, but so much worth it, Quite tiring but epicly cool at the same time. The whole thing of making this is mostly not to draw only traffic to it, but break out stuff from my brain and sort it out here so I really know what I produced over the years in terms of art, products and all that. I really have no clue at all how much I have done. So much is all over the place, exactly like my brain. This week I had my first complete exhibition lots of the stuff I made over the years since 1999. And I was overwelmed about how much I´ve done. It sums up my boardgame creations and lots of my cynical products and so forth. Still its not all and I guess it can´t never be since its a complete ongoing project. So now I´m sitting here listening to hard techno and trying to figure out how the fudge you build a homepage in wordpress. It seems fairly easy compared to coding and it´s made for noobs which is fine, but it still very easy to learn and I truly recommend it to people who dont want to get bogged down in difficult layout. I hope u carrots enjoy my page so far and find something interesting here………..

Vacuum cleaning nightmare “

I´m happy to say my friend ” Nightmare ” vacuumcleaned my apartment in exchange for a hoodie, and I was overflowing in my brain and I actually mopped the floor. I haven´t vacumcleaned my apartment in over a year because of depression and it now looks fantastic. So small things can make you happy. that´s one of the fine things with life.

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