Gifts from fans

Thanks to all u carrots who sent and gave me stuff !!

I just love this fantastic doublecoffemug that you created for me Takhemik!

The first carrotqueen anyone drawn for me :D, Thanks Louiza

Sweet carrot and my fav MLPFIM character of all time!, thanks Alini 🙂

Thanks Ivanov girls for the awesome carrotsocks, I wear them only at special occasions

The most lovely diary that I ever had, thanks Aviva 😀

Thanks a lot Anders for the EPIC carrotbag, it´s been around town at concerts now 😀

Thank you so much dear Jullia Datseva for this fantastic doll

If you want to send me carrotstuff or other things just post it to 😀 :

Ushiri Stenberg, Trelleborgsgatan 8b, 21435 Malmö Sweden