“Man tricked by woman and forced to be a dad”

(None escapist article..sorry)

So we got this man that horribly has been forced to be a dad. If you put uré dick in someone that has a vagina u gotta take that risk aswell. I would also feelt it was fucked up shit to become a dad if I was´nt interested in it but it´s your own fault but it´s shit that can happen. (RED:Hmm…if u wanna have kids write me instead I would love to grow more artists with my genetics if possible…I can post them with express)

Inside of the magazine it´s written as a headline”Men are involuntarily tricked into fatherhood”

In the article he also explains that he wants to push forward a debate where the goal is to discuss “involuntary paternity” which could be an interesting case to follow. But the funny part is what it says in the end of the article at the red cube ” Fredriks name is in reality something completely different”. So if you want to take a stand for what you want, then put youré name to go with the article so it can be taken seriously.

If u got any comments on this please feel to write me and if u wanna do podprogram with this subject with people on both sides…it seems fun and odd.

Text & Art : Ushiri Photo: Skånska dagbladet