22 of october 2021 issue 3 was released at Veganbar which was synched with a photoexhibition named “Alex crustpunk photo exhibition” (Backgroundstory to that can be read in Issue3) and also a release of a Crustpunkmemory. It took hell of a time to teamwork the exhibition together with Alex since they live in Gothenburg and I had to do it all here in Malmö. Issue 3 was the first in black/white and quite much punkrock related.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up and all participating in this issue and to Veganbar. Also to Catalan Marte for epic posting in good spots around Malmö. Issue 4 will be in colour as usual. Another thing with this Issue3 is that it was in 60& english and 40% swedish which perhaps seems a bit strange but it feelt right since it was strong focus on the punkscene and what Crustpunk is all about.


Inside the ” carrotbox ” where you could get the magazine, photo by Ulrika Lathi
Artist/musician John Westlund, Ushiri and artist Annie Hansen , photo unknown
Artist/musician John Westlund, Ushiri and artist Annie Hansen all synced with the carrotsign, photo unknown
Ushiri and the mysterious artist Gorky the Oxian , photo unknown
Lars Krantz Swedish horror artist Is megacrazed to start reading , Photo by Johanna
Ushiriholic, photo by Ulrika Lathi
The most evil man alive Robert Kohn starring as himself in the comics ” Corona blackmail”, photo Ulrika Lathi
Youtuber gamer ” The mack” also a mighty carrottriber, photo by Ulrika Lathi
Ushiri and the mighty Snowframes

Listen to the album at Bandcamp