It all started with this painting

Then I came up with carrottribe philosophy :

The essence of Carrottribe is to have a carrot in life, to have something that you want to strive for. Like the donkey in front of the wagon, it doesn´t reach the carrot directly but it know it will get it later on if it just continues on. To stay happy and enjoy life because we will eventually reach our destination but we will allways want to go further ahead. This is what it means to be alive.

To be here and now and not dwell in the past or be in the future. Because it´s now when you are reading these lines you are connected with this. Like the mix with FaboySlim with samples with Greta Tunberg where she says ” Right here Right now!”. You can make a change NOW.

People say you are running away from something if you are travelling a lot and are considered rootless. But I say if you have rooted yourself inside, like have rooted the carrot inside of you. Then you dont need a special place to grow this carrot except on your inside.

I asked my friend Tuva Letler-Bayan to write a hymn to the eternal carrot

I then Asked Salome my friend from Münich to do a translation

And Hedo to do a Finnish one.

If you want to be a member of CARROTRiBE join us at facebook

Danish Carrottribe fanart
Carrottribe tattoe artwork
Carrot Apshyxia graffiti
Carrottribe graffiti
Carrottribe sticker
Carrottribe necklaces
Carrottribe notebooks
The not so popular Carrottribe laminated carrotslice, fun to watch rot, I had one for 6 months
Video about the above, part 1
Video about the above, part 2
Video about the above, part 3 , Is it that fun to watch 😀
Carrottribe creamycarrot kola, I made this for 2 or three techno parties, I mostly remember the last time because then I did a weird bad mix and at was very liquid and people where dripping and spilling it all over the floor and it became very sticky to dance in 😀
How it looked in printed version and laminated at the time and possible suck and lick at the top of it.
Carrots to eat when checking out my stuff at a designmarket.
Carrottribe Carrotprophet Ushiri, carrots: Sista carrot, Buffy and Lasse
Carrotribe posters featuring ” Vegetable is murder” ( bookmark, painting, artprint)and ” Rabbit dreams” ( Available as print in my artprint section).
Death of a carrot that I made some years later after I created the artpiece ” Vegetale is murder”
Carrottribe skin from the addicting free snake computer game ” Worm is the game”.
Carrottribe logo for my production unit which consisted of My me and 2 others at the time.
Asymetric Carrottribe pattern, available at my Redbubble shop page
Carrotjoke at ICA in 2006 Video below
Carrottribe t-shirt in 2006 featuring one of my best friends and co-worker at the time.
Carrottribe posé by Carina
Carrottribe sign by Salvia Blomster
Carrottribe second in command leader Buffy with frame for Galactic worms boardgame
Eternal carrot godess from the boardgame Galactic worms, Also available at my Redbubble shop on clothes and more
In 2002 I scanned my head in a copymachine and changed it to orange and built an altar dedicated to my self with paperfigures with praying cats around and bought a big empty book named ” Guds gästbok” ( Guestbook of god) Where people who came to my home could write a letter or a prayer to me to watch over them. If you drop by home someday do write in it. The altar is not in my kitchen anymore and the temporary psychosis is no more…allmost 😀
A sticker used some years ago where the eternal carrot godess propagates that you should join Carrottribe, at one time we where more than 100 members on facebook, Some years later facebook changed some stuff and the page was slated clean. Carrottribe still exist as an entity on an individual personal level and you are a carrotribe member if you understand the strenght of a carrot.
Carrottribe earwear, also in a newspaper article where its written ” Carrot earrings still not a thing…yet” ( See my press page if you know Swedish)
Carrottribe earwear in Sweden & necklaces in Münich
Camp carrot, a flag for technofestival in Belgium if I remember right. I dont know where this is anymore.
Carrottribe fridgewear, Still available
Carrottribe poster based on boring kids characters, avaible of course.
Postcard with a seldom understood joke.
Carrottribe incenses in a Bible 3000 package ( Bible 3000 psychadelic comics techno magazine)
Double sized Galactic worms the boardgame at Lincon ( Linköping) with Carrottribe members and interested people.
Galactic worms Doublesize being played at “Pissrondellen” now known as ” Knarkrondellen ” at Möllevången Malmö together with NOS Techno musician and backdrop artist and Magdalena + Bernard from Netherlands.
Carrottribe playing Galactic worms doublesize in Pildammsparken ” Tallriken “, On this photo: Yxa, Pixiecatten and me…the others I dont remember the name of.
Carrotribe people feautring Yxa, girl, METEK noise artist, Ushiri, Kubik Techno dj ( Think it´s Kubik)
Carrottribe at Parkbrus outdoor technoparty at Tallriken in Pildammsparken Malmö Sweden
Same party but close to the night..
Random person I meet that I asked to smack me with a giant carrot.
Random kid I asked to smack in the head with a giant carrot
A carrottribe saturday
Carrotribe t-shirt painting
Carrot exhibition propaganda and mime to Pika Pika rap
Buffy Carrotprophet second in command and I went to Lincon to promote Galactic worms boardgame
Lincon Carrottribe
Lincon Carrottribe
Lincon Carrottribe
Lincon Carrottribe
Lincon Carrottribe
Lincon Carrottribe
Lincon Carrottribe
Lincon Carrottribe
Carrotribe i Malmö kanalen
Carrotribe fans at Möllevångsfestial Malmö
Carrottribe at Rundgång recordshop Möllevången Malmö
Carrottribe for human rights, it should be a human right to poop and piss free of charge.
Carrottribe clothing ideas…

For more CARROTTRiBE art made by me mostly and also some others check out the instagram tag #carrottribe