Robert the asshole buttplug

Robert the asshole is based on my asshole friend Robert. He is a big dick and an ass. I first made a comics about why he is an asshole 2019. Then later on when I was developing my cute tactical game named “Sötisar och monster” / “Cuties and monsters”. I showed him the cuties and he said the more looked like “uglies”. Later on that evening I thought more and more about it and feelt wow Robert you are really a fucking asshole, So I feelt like “Robert you are a fucking uglie, a real fucked up uglie!!” and I first wanted to make some new game components for my “Cuties and monsters” but with Robert as a monster with some mall Cuties that looked like Robert and then instead would be renamed “uglies” based on his irritating looks”. Suddenly I was creating a body unconsciously and after a while I feelt “Hey Robert look like something you have shoved up your ass” because its irritating and itching to have him around you. Then the idea took form aaaah….Robert is an ASSHOLE buttplug…YEAH!! It took some time to find the correct vases and then I decided to do a manual with technical illustrations of how he should be used and I feelt its not enough with only make it in english so I had to do a german translation of it aswell.

This is the classic Robert the asshole buttplug GOLD edition

Robert the asshole buttplug was sold in a limited edition of 5 in total, the last was bought by DJ Funky Tuna ,her version is the only one that is signed by both me and Robert.

Robert the asshole buttplug manual in English below (German instruction is not shown here.)

Btw Robert the asshole made a Carrotrap for me since, it ws played at Veganbar 2020 of the release of the first issue of USHiRimagazine#1 Click the picture to listen to the rap.

Robert the assholebuttplug instagrampost

The ceramic vase by “CULT design sweden” that Robert the assholebuttplug was delivered in.

Robert the asshole buttplug comicsmagazine. A comics based on a real story of why Robert is such a fucking asshole.

Oh btw this is how Robert the asshole looks in reality when he is reading the comics of why he is such a fucking asshole, In English here. Isn´nt he adorable 😀 …eh and you can read the comics in Swedish here

Robert the assholebuttplug pin “I got gold in my butt” below

Later in 2022 a “Robert the asshole buttplug LARGE edition will be released” The artwork below is conceptart and not the final look of the buttplug. This version will be fatter and based on that he is eating more chips now than before and also some eyebrows has been added and some firm tits with hard nipples. Also the hipd and buttocks has been massively enlarged. He asked me to add strong arms with muscles to it but this was not possible becasue I prefer him without arms.

Non buttplug version of Robert the asshole below in beige skin colour

Robert the assholebutplug posters in Malmö 2022

At the crossing at Bergsgatan Möllevångstorget on the way to “SmutsICA”
Miniposter at Möllevångstorget
Inside MittMöllan
On a old fridge at Trelleborgsgatan

Robert the assholebuttplug 3D concept artwork below

First try of how to design Robert ASSHOLE in VR

Second version

Oh btw here is me and Robert the asshole biking for the NGBG bikeparade and promoting CARROTTRiBE

Robert the asshole info movie at instagram

Robert the asshole buttplug dancing at Dåndimpen vinylbutik in Malmö

Robert the asshole buttplug Instructional video with rubbergloves

Oh btw I don´t take drugs…Dont think I´m a drugaddict just because I´m totally psychadelic in my mindset…Coffee and carrots is the only thing you neeeeeeeed!!! / USHiRi Carrotprophet (Info about the first Ushiri), Why is Ushiri a god?….It´s explained in the song Carrotgod (Song by Avocadocat from Ängelholm)

If you still dont get the idea how to pray to your inner carrot listen to the Carrotpoem by Tuva Letler Bayan read by Yaruna Khmera in Ukrainian.