NEVER FORGET is made to put up on the fridge so we can allways remember what these men and women did to humanity. Information about their crimes can be read on the backside. So dont forget to buy berad and soy milk for your coffe and remember our history!

ADOLF HITLER 70kr/7euro
Dictator of Germany, Responsible for the start of world war 2 where approximately 56 million people died. also infamous forbuilding more than 2000 concentration camps even though the British where first with this invention during the Boer war 1900-1902.
Just a big asshole, Responsible for the statement that it should have subtitles in the program Grannfejden when people in the landscape Skåne in south Sweden where speaking in television to undermine that the accent spoken in area is not Swedish even if that is the case.
JOSEF STALIN / Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin 70kr/7euro
Ditctator of Russia, Not so famous for actually killing around 20 million russians under his rule. This is a number most historians agree with. The reason why Stalin manage to get away with this is an example I came up with that I think is suitable:

Stalin and Hitler lived in the same neighbourhood, Hitler got evicted because he beat other people in the area, Stalin nobody cared about since he only beat his wife.
Augusto Pinochet / Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte 70kr/7euro
Dictator of Chile. A number of people he killed is figured to be at least 40000 and allmost as many where tortured.
Haile Selassie / Lij Tafari Makonnen 70kr/7euro
Dictator of Ethiopia, Although born to be an emperor he was against human rights and political freedom in Ethiopia. He refused and was responsible for not delivering emergency food aid to north Ethiopia during a famine which lead to approximately 100,000 people dying.
MANGAMAO loves us!! 20kr/2euro
Laminated bookmark
SUPERMAO 20kr/2euro
Laminated bookmark
MANGAHITLER loves u!! 20kr/2euro
Laminated bookmark
MANGAHITLER ” It feels like the whole world hates me..” 20kr/2euro
Laminated bookmark
Earrings laminated ( Will be made after inquiry/ Skapas på efterfrågan)
MANGAMAO HANGED 7/7euro is also available on deman but no photo exist.
Photographer: Kasper Stanek