Carrot music

I wanted carrot music to be created to give tribute to this positive energetic living entity called carrot. In 2020 I decided to create a magazine dedicated to carrotworshipping and that would include high quality escapism in the form of philosophical fiction and comics. So for the release party at Veganbar in Malmö my goal was have some music based on carrots and also to send a 1 hour Carrotprogram on Malmö local radio 89,2mhz FM with music & thoughts and poems about carrots and a live discussion. I used my carrotchannels to search for interests in this topic.

” Grandmaster Ushiri “

A year before all of this in 2019 I asked my friend Henrik Berntsson a singsongwriter in Halmstad that I see as my brother in creativity, if he could write a song about carrots. Then I recieved his ballad named ” Grandmaster Ushiri ” after some time. I got astonished to be seen as the Grandmaster of the carrots. I see myself as the Carrotprophet but now to get this new title was really something and recorded together with acoustic guitar with his tender voice. It was great.

” Carrotrap official ” – Robert Kohn

” Carrots everywhere ” – Ushiri

” Carrot god” – Avocadocat

I found a man named Inhumanjonathan at instagram as one of my followers, he was playing in a band with another dude in what they call ” The worst band in the world” so naturally I wanted to do a bandlogo for them.But before I did this bandlogo they told me that they where interested in doing a carrotsong which turned out to be superbly bombastic and I Ushiri was elevated to god in it. What a kick! I was so very taken by this that I started to do their bandlogo and text. The song Is a mix of several genrés and has parts of deathmetal, punk and accordion and some slower parts in it. It´s a fantastic piece I think so I started to do a very gritty raw deathmetal inspired poster/cover with myself as this true carrot death god. I showed it to Avocadocat and the hailed it as epic awesomeness and one of the members Oskar said it was even better than Jonathans ass. I was stunned to hear this praise of my art. We talked some more and I now have learned that they will call their next album ” Carrot god ” and want my artwork as their cover. Perhaps we later on will do carrotsong together in 2021, who knows. You can listen to Carrotgod at spotify

The Carrot guilt ” – Shadowland

Patrik Lundberg a local legend in Malmö when it comes to create melodic deathmetal ( Not sure that is a correct description ) I asked him if he was interested in the Carrot music project. He rewrote one of his songs that he made for his soloproject Shadowland and it turned at very dark and deranged but yet the same with as much quality as usual. I can just say I love it.

The Carrot Guilt at bandcamp

— Post production of Carrot music —

” ? ” – Jenny.S genré: Melodic EBM

” ? ” – Johan.D & Ushiri – genré: Minimalistic techno