USHiRiA RPG – index

Ushiria is a carrotobsessed swedish artists ultimate brainchild and. It´s set in a fictional loosely based map of Scandinavia populated with unique creatures from Ushiris fantasy and co-written together with writer Henrik Berntsson. It´s set in the Viking age /medieval era mixed with parts of folklore and historical facts and again mixed in the extreme with fantasy, More info further down.

Map of “Known world of Ushiria below”

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Spiritbears the dimension travellers between Ushiria & Nukeria & Depravia

Fnorfs lives mainly in Fnorfenburg, Fnorfendorf and Önkhelljunga

Horses of the dead lives in Northeast Ushiria at Warmmare, Hästö

Roddor No known locations of Roddor exists so far.


Shexi of the wind. Resides Black skull mountain & Woolride


Weapons of Ushiria Unique weapons of Ushiria

This is the known world in Ushiria which is loosely based on Sweden & parts of Norway & Denmark in a anachronistic setting. Armour and weapons are partially based on the era of Vikings and medieval Europe, exceptions of this is the Duchy of Crownburg. The world is inhabited mostly by furries and humans are seen as evil and greedy and are very few. Most creatures are based on the artwork of Ushiri. Fiction and text is written by Ushiri Stenberg and writer/troubadur Henrik Berntsson. The world map in itself is made by Henrik mostly.

Ushiria – A fantasy world with unique creatures where fantasy comics and stories are told in

Sötisar & monster/Cuties & monsters the boardgame and Mial ( Catfurrie fantasy comics) are set in this world. The valley of the cuties is located in North Ushiria close Ättegluparen below golem swamps.

NNN (Also called Parallell earth) – Where stories with a classic earth are told but with the changes taht furries lives together with humans. “Nuke Norway Now” the boardgame i set in this universe and also ” Corona blackmail ”

Galactic worms the boardgame are set in the universe itself with the eternal carrotgods that protects both “Parallell earth” and “Ushiri”

Other collaborators creating in this universe to some extent and that also exists as characters:

Sofia Jentzsch anthropologist (Sweden), Yaruna PhD doctoral student,(Ukraine), Karma Bis fashionmodel/lifewanderer (Italy), Mårten Ålason marine biologist ( Sweden), Paul Skaven expert (Sweden)