Ushiri magazine

A Swedish surrealist artist with a psychadelic mindset and vision of what an interesting escapistic cultural magazine would be all about. Net-portal of USHiRimagazine

Vision of the magazine

The idea is built upon that writers choose an artwork drawn by Ushiri and write fiction/poems/stories based on that. Instead of the classic magazines where the illustrator comes second. Interviews & reviews & carrot based text/art is usually not based on Ushiri art.

We want to spread new fresh perspectives in a deranged world with: Smart laughing, outside of the box thinking and also to open up creativity and networking for the people participating in the magazine so we can grow like giant carrots together in our creating. As for now lots of CARROTTRiBE members over the world has been published here and you are welcome to write us aswell 🙂

Topics that will be covered within this magazine

Artwork writings/ideas based on Ushiri Stenberg,fiction, All things with carrots,interviews with oddness as subject, female rights, Fresh new non mainstream perspective on things, Comics,  Coffee, surrealism, Interviews with mostly cultural focus ,Odd reviews in:  Comics, books, movies, indie Games, game modifications, furries, coffee, fetishes, techno, dark humour, poetry, insights in cultures seen from different world views.

Topics that will not be in the magazine

Negativity, mainstream political articles,news,aspects and ideas that are discussed elsewhere. USHiRi magazine wants to be timeless. Escapism Is everything!

Annual release & page thickness & size

Goal is to release 1 physical issues per year Is the minimum goal. 32 pages fullcolour, A4 and at the same time release content digitally at Both physical and digital will only have original content.

Money & capitalism

There Is no interest other than to pay the printing cost of the magazine.


Carrotworshipping Is all that matters. and to boost other creative people


If you want to have your ad in our physical magazine, write us at

Do you want to participate ?

Artists: We are only interested in carrotbased comics and carrot artwork.

Writers: Just mail us and we send you guidelines how to write for Ushiri artwork in fiction or poetry. If it´s carrot content based it´s a supreme chance it will be published. Also you can tell us youré idea if you have an odd review/interview you want to make, just write to with the subject ” Article idea “.

Excerpts from USHiRimagazine#1 below