Ushiri magazine

Vision of the magazine

It´s a surrealistic carrotobsessed swedish artists psychedelic mindset of what an interesting magazine to read would be.

1. Ushiri choose artwork he created and a number of letters it should be and sometimes a title. Then this can be found in an ” Open articles document” online.

2. People then get invited or asked to be a part of the next issue of the magazine and choose an artwork to write an article too.

Who are these people: Cool cats I met over the years are will be participating in it with their writings. Some times artwork by others that are carrotbased will occur.

The goal is to spread art and new fresh perspectives in a deranged world with: Smart laughing, outside of the box thinking and also to open up creativity and networking for the people participating in the magazine.

Annual release & page thickness & size

Ushiris life purpose is getting hes art out, 6 issues per year Is hes minimum goal. 32 pages fullcolour, A4, A5 and A3 in Black/white.

Money & capitalism

There Is no interest other than to pay the printing cost of the magazine.


Carrotworshipping Is all that matters.

Topics below will be covered within this magazine

Artwork writings/ideas based on Ushiri Stenberg, Fiction, Carrotworshipping, female rights, Fresh new perspective on things, Gender issues,Book reviews, Dictators, Comics,  Coffee topics, Interviews ,Reviews:  Comics, books, Odd indie Games, coffee, fetishes, Mental issues, techno, disorder, Cynism,black humour

Topics that will not be in the magazine

Popular Political news and ideas that are discussed elsewhere. USHiRi magazine wants to be timeless. Escapism Is everything!

Romert, the evil neighbour

Releaseparty for issue 1 was held at Veganbar Malmö Sweden at 2020-07-11 Lördag

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