Spökbjörn – Spiritbears – Dimensionsbjörn

Exists in the dimensions Ushiria & Nukeria and Depravia. Here you can see a spiritbear that is being lubricated with Gortmass ( More about Gortmass will be explained later on)

Mission: Spiritbears are dimensiontravellers and can help mortal beings trave between he worlds Ushiria & Nukeria & Depravia. Spiritbears are rather easily frightened and shy by nature. They can often be seen in homes in the shape of regular teddybears in homes where children lives. If you want to befriend a spiritbear you need to talk to it a lot and reveal your inner secrets and desires. Spiritbears have no moral or ethics that are defined by any standard, It will usually share it´s friends values over time.

Uppgift: Dimensions teleportörer, Kan hjälpa varelser mellan världar. Är ganska lättskrämda och blyga. Antar skepnader av vanliga teddybjörnar i barns hem.

Size: about 60cm, Storlek: Max 60cm

Technobears is genetically and technologically modified spiritbears engineered at Åskhem/Thunderhome

Fingered Stroller

Spiritbears are dimensional travellers between Ushiria and Nukeria. Visualized here is the perfect stroller that can drag itself forwards and at a slow calm pace so that the being inside of it can relax and enjoy the ride.  ( The dimensions Nukeria is a place where Göran Persson is the swedish dictator and have A-bombed Norway, read more about my boardgame Nuke Norway Now at BGG or at my boardgamepage)

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