Garbage & music – Malmö Sweden

Photo is all copyright Kristin Warfvinge

I wanted to dwell deeper into the musicians that play music created with garbage and asked the project leader Kristin Warfvinge if she could further explain the idea behind it all

Kristin Warfvinge:

” So. Transformera, komponera musicera is a project lead by Kristin Warfvinge (composer), Josef Söreke (composer) and Viktor Auregård (musician). From the beginning it was a series of workshops with building, composing and playing but it has taken many forms. For example we’ve also had exhibitions at gallery molekyl and Malmöfestivalen. At Malmöfestivalen we had a 3 day workshop where we provided a pile of garbage for people passing by to build from. Both adults and children joined in and it all finished with a exhibition in a big glass container and a concert with invited musicians.

Some instruments.


This “cello” is made from a shoestand and a kitchen drawer. The stick functions as a lever. The harder you push the lever the tighter the string get and the higher the pitch. The best sound you get from playing with a bow..


This is a helium tank with tongues sawed out. The different tounges have different pitches.

And here we have a guitar of some sort. It has a. Very practical handle..

Does Transformera Musicera Komponera more concerts planned this year or any happenings ?

They will happen. But they are not yet planned 🙂 just like life it self. There will probably be a concert in collab with gallery molekyl soon.

Ushiri: Transformera Komponera Musicera performed at @molekylgallery in Malmö and I recorded a part of it and also made some lifedrawings when they performed.

USHiRimagazine was there and had the chance to speak with some of the performers namely Viktor Auregård and Kristin Warfvinge. I was told that there been a problem with one of the instruments leaking oil when they tried to rehearse with it so it couldnt be a part of the performance. I also got a special close look by one of the performers with a very cool improvised cello where you could adjust/tune the strings with your foot instead of the bow.

Doing life drawings of other people creating themselfs and also hear their creations is really something. To join them in the same sort of trance when the are on with doing what they love the most, that feeling is really what life is all about. Just existing here and now.

I wrongly wrote Galleri Kalkyl in the artwork, I blame beer for this 🙂

Text & art & video: Ushiri Photos: Kristin Warfvinge

Interview with Thedöd

Short interview with Thedöd by Ushiri

We meet up over a couple of beers in a park in central Ängelholm in south Sweden and discussed important things like death, puke and angst..

How does it feel to have left Avocadocat behind you ?

– It feels very very very good because then you can get rid of the unserious ideas which has been hanging around which means I now can focus on the serious.

( Det känns väldigt, väldigt, väldigt bra eftersom nu slipper man ha det oseriösa idéerna hängande efter sig vilket betyder att jag kan fokusera på det seriösa. )

Ushiri & Jonte “Thedöd” Nilssson ( Thanks to randomgirl in park for photo)

Do you think you will make a guestappareance sometime with them?
– Ajjemän! ( Sure as hell! ( roughly translated)

You got any new fun musicproject in the works ? / Har du något nytt kul musikprojekt på G?

– The serious stuff I´m referring to is my new project Vomit Hell, which should be a very quick anti-humanity blacks peed metal band, but let´s see how ot goes.

Det seriösa jag syftar på e ju mitt nya projekt Vomit Hell vilket ska bli ett väldigtt fort anti-humanistiskt black speed metal band. Så vi får se hur det blir.

Is there any other bandmembers in it? / Någon annan annan bandmedlem man känner till i det

– Noo, Axel is there nobody that knows about / – Nää axel e det ingen som känner till

Any good Blackmetal band for the uninitiated that you should start listen to? / Finns det några bra Blackmetal band för din oinvigde som man bör lyssna på i första hand?

Mayhem (With Dead on vocals) , Veilgath, Malign o Darkthrone

What´s your carrot ?

-My carrot? An orange tall, shaved man, / Min morot? En orange lång, rakad man

(There is also another interview with the sexy Thedöd representing Avocadocat in USHiRimagazine #2 that can be bought at Malmökonsthalls bokhandel. )

We also visited a cool relaxed vinyl record store in Ängelholm, Vinylpågarna. A bit hidden away from the main street were we got a sexy psychadelic bag the have youré records in. But we didn´nt. Big thanks!

Vi besökte även en skön vinylbutik namnad Vinylpågarna som var lite undanskymd där vi fick varsin cool tygpåse som va mega psykedelisk. Stort tack!. We will get back to Vinylpågarna in another article later on that will be written by Anna Karlsson.

Here below is a track he wrote when he was performing in Avocadocat:

A tribute song to Ushiri when they herd about Carrottribe and the strange art he makes.

TheDöds instagram about vinyl records

Udda (odd) music with Ushiri #1

This is my official youtube channel for my radioprogram ” Udda musik med Ushiri with selected odd music that I broadcasted from Fountain House, Malmö, Sweden, on the FM radio at 89,2mhz, . I also add in my own odd ideas on how I feel about it things with my sexy, slow whiskey voice. It contains many odd genre´s, just listen through this playlist and you get what I mean.

A short preview of what music it contains below