Men without socks – Doka 2 – Gamereview

+ I dont remember what I paid for it.
– I paid for it

Maimenu is quite cute looking

It´s possible to switch language from russian but it does not matter so much since there is actually no options. Also you can play as a zombie but then you meet halfnaked guys instead with no socks.

Also all have shaved bodies and no hair what so ever, I guess that can be sexually arousing for somebody and mildly thrilling. The again its fitting with the Corona virus going around now that you actually have body contact with people you meet, even if the only reason is to smack their head of until it becomes a bloody mess.

You buy weapons from the wall, also some areas you have epic soviet propaganda posters
Fork is also a weapon…

If you for some reason would like to have more of this garbage game…YES there is hope in the dark!!! because the developers have released a DLC named “DOKA 2: Humans, Wizards and Elves DLC#1” which costs 0,79euro.

Do I think it was fun: No not at all. It´s so bad I actually regret spending time writing all of this.

Attack of the russian tomatoskinheads

So if you feel a the need for it and want to dwell deeper into Agafonoffs gaming studio please do buy it 😀

Get DOKA 2 KISHKI edition at steam for 0,8 euro

Text & screenshots USHiRi

Popee The Performer – Review

Text & Art: Annie Hansen 

Popee The Performer is a 3D animated kids show created by Ryuji Masuda. The show aired on TV back in 2001-2003 in Japan and it lasted three seasons with 40 episodes that have around a 4-5 minute long runtime.

At first glance, Popee The Performer might look like a bizarre and creepy low quality project with ugly, lazy animation and filled with over-the-top violence and immature content. Some people might therefore turn their nose on it and not give the show a proper chance. But there is so much more to Popee The Performer and it’s 100% worth giving it a chance. Keep in mind, this is early 2000s computer animation so it’s not going to live up to today’s standards, especially not with the small budget and tight deadline the creator had to work with. Ryuji Masuda took all the limitations and used it to his advantage and really made it work. The unique and somewhat off-putting artstyle and movement of the characters work in the show’s favor, because it adds more spice to it’s already bizarre nature.

The plot is quite simple. The show’s two main characters are, of course, Popee the performer himself and his assistant, Kedamono. The episodes often start out with the characters trying to perform a circus trick or something similar, and it somehow always goes horribly wrong. Popee is a clown with severe anger issues and he loves to use violence to deal with all of his problems. The one who usually has to suffer through Popee’s excessive violence is Kedamono, Popee’s masked purple wolf assistant. There are other characters that are introduced later on, such as Papi, who is another clown with a very flamboyant personality that loves to challenge Popee’s violence with even more violence. There is also a frog, an alien and a sentient elephant car. 

The series is filled with slapstick comedy and is pretty similar to Tom and Jerry, just way more extreme and bloody. The characters die regularly in very gruesome and violent ways. Anything from getting shot or hit by a car to destroying the earth by throwing the sun at it or even fighting God, could happen in this show. Because of its short runtime things need to happen fast. The plot of the episode therefore always escalates quickly in very extreme and bizarre ways and it is always hilarious. The creator couldn’t afford voice actors so the show had to rely on visual storytelling and physical comedy instead, which is a great choice since it makes Popee The Performer completely universal. Anyone, no matter what language they speak, can understand and enjoy the show. 

Popee the Performer got pretty popular in Japan back in the days. Both the TV-station and viewers of all ages seemed to enjoy it and there was even some merchandise and a manga made. Now, twenty years later it lives on as a bizarre series of videos with a dedicated fanbase that you might stumble upon on the internet if you are lucky. Go check it out.

Finnish Cargames – Review

Text & Art: Ushiri Stenberg

Flatout awesome!

When you are talking about cars in you usally hear about different things like engine power and how many miles it has driven and if the AC system is good and about bla bla bla and about the catalysing power of the riddlefilterring possibilities in the blobbpipelines and the thermal dipps in can do in 15 megswoosh.

I cant fathom how all that crap can be of any direct interest more than it’s cool to use one when you want to travel somewhere. If I want to have fun in cars then I play computer games where I can crash cars.

In the Finnish developed Flatout 2 which is an extremely good racing game on filthy roads all over the planet and industrial areas where more than 6000 objects fly all over the road when you driver around and you an crash into planks and all sort of rubble like bus stops and drive through windows in small restaurants and destroy all furniture just because you wanted to take a shortcut. All of this with epic grunge music slamming in the background with songs like ” I’m feeling dead inside” with a most broken male voice that has been drinking too much vodka and sand. Most of the cars are also extremely crappy, sexy and rusty mixed together.

But if you prefer more cool looking sports cars those are also available. My point is; how can you be so anal about the inside of a car, of course because you have a deep interest in it, Personally I always thought it was a sort of weak penis enlarger thing. I guess it’s the same if you are an outsider to some sort of music and just go ” Oh I hate hard rock” when it actually is Terrorcore (which is a niche genré in techno) that you hear. One person asked me one time what kind of car I would like to buy, I answered – “A yellow car” J.

Thanks Mimpo for showing me this game 😀

I give it 5 of 5 carrots, Available for: PC, Xbox360,Xbox,PSP,PS2

Gamereview: Flatout 2 carrotScore: 5/5