Spökbjörn – Spiritbears – Dimensionsbjörn

Exists in the dimensions Ushiria & Nukeria and Depravia. Here you can see a spiritbear that is being lubricated with Gortmass ( More about Gortmass will be explained later on)

Mission: Spiritbears are dimensiontravellers and can help mortal beings trave between he worlds Ushiria & Nukeria & Depravia. Spiritbears are rather easily frightened and shy by nature. They can often be seen in homes in the shape of regular teddybears in homes where children lives. If you want to befriend a spiritbear you need to talk to it a lot and reveal your inner secrets and desires. Spiritbears have no moral or ethics that are defined by any standard, It will usually share it´s friends values over time.

Uppgift: Dimensions teleportörer, Kan hjälpa varelser mellan världar. Är ganska lättskrämda och blyga. Antar skepnader av vanliga teddybjörnar i barns hem.

Size: about 60cm, Storlek: Max 60cm

Technobears is genetically and technologically modified spiritbears engineered at Åskhem/Thunderhome

Fingered Stroller

Spiritbears are dimensional travellers between Ushiria and Nukeria. Visualized here is the perfect stroller that can drag itself forwards and at a slow calm pace so that the being inside of it can relax and enjoy the ride.  ( The dimensions Nukeria is a place where Göran Persson is the swedish dictator and have A-bombed Norway, read more about my boardgame Nuke Norway Now at BGG or at my boardgamepage)

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Fearless in combat and feels no pain since they dont have a reactive nervesystem which is a great help to continue fighting even when sustained heavy wounds like getting an arm chopped of.The big problem with this is that they often bleed to death by minor injuries when they are not in combat. Healing powers is strong within this group. The god they worship is still unknown.

Gortmass is very attractive to Rodda clans all over the Ushirian landscape since it can be used quick to stop bloodloss.

When outside of combat they tend to be a bit avoidant. Their community usually have strong seductive females that usually long to conquer new slaves to bed from all races of Ushiria. Female Roddor are strong agitators of war and use bodylanguage to invoke adrenaline to the weaker males that are mostly driven by inner urges.

Roddor likes to use their fists when in fights . A big issue for the Roddor is that they grow quickly in numbers but also when it comes to become mature. In earth months it takes 2 months for the young to become mature. The great fistfights and other population reducing sports are popular in the Roddor communities since the biggest issue is to gain food equal to the population.

A not so aggressive sport they perform is “Catch the ring”

“ Stickhat sounds”

The stickhat on the Rodda in red on the picture is also sometimes made of metal and has a ring which makes a sound when the owner twirls his head around when moving. This is considered some sort of sacred ritual yet to be learned about.

Females of he Roddor and community leaders

Quite often in Ushiria leaders are of female heritage, this is especially common with Roddor

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The well armoured fnorfs above are King Jans rentable mercenaries.

Fnorfs, a grey people but what they lack in colour the gain in agressivity. Wild by nature and prefer to live in the Ushirian mountainside. Most famous locations with Fnorfs are in the Hardnorth hills ( Hallandsåsen) in Fnorfendorf and at the coastline in Fnorfbürg that are both controlled by the last Jandort king ” Kung Jan”. Recently his Legatus Önkhel ( Named by Moa) has taken control over the former village of Winslow(Vinslöv) and renamed it to Önkheljunga (Örkelljunga) where he is collecting Fnaggles to build up a heavy cavalry force. Read more it in upcoming posts.

( I drew the first Fnorfs in 1994 but then they where solely called Norfs, which also makes sense since they where first found in the North of Malmhaugar and the north of the known world of Ushiria )

Below:Mamfnors, the bigger versions of regular fnors and much more fearsome and aggressive

Below: Fnorfs overseeing the drilling of Gortmass by Fnaggels ( the small lizards) in Hardnorthhills close to Fnorfendorf

Comparison chart of the size of fnorfs ( Art & creatures is all copyright Ushiri Stenberg 2021)

Frightened fnorfs when meeting the wraith from Jan the last king of the Jandorts

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Horses of the dead

Horses of the dead lives close to Warmare south of the duchy of Crownburg. Also at the island of Hästö close to Kallinge in the East known world of Ushiria.

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These pages are a part of the carrotbased RPG world Ushiria set in fantasy fictive dark ages Scandinavia created by Ushiria and co-created with Henrik Berntsson 2021. All art & character design & text is copyright Ushiri Stenberg 2021