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USHiRifroghandman at Veganbar 2109?? Photo: Analö

Swedish psychadelic & surrealist artist active since 2000 with unique design products that can´t be find anywhere else. Also a boardgamedesigner and comicsartist with a broad style. See my allmost daily updates with new artwork and short movies at my instagram Born 1975

Regularly published in: Fountain magazine Malmö Sweden,Mosaic clubhouse London, USHiRimagazine, and from time to time in Galago.

Carrot for creativity?
The reason is to push out all those crazy ideas inside of my head so I can survive mentally, It is a must so I won´t kill myself. Stupidity of humanity of mankind is inspirational.

Other Inspiration & values:
Techno music in all forms, especially Gabber. I´m Inspired by the french clean lines, especially those by Giraud/Moebius. Robert Crumb with his exceptional crosshatching and free mind, Swedish horror artist Hans Arnold, gender values and equality. Antiheroes,Stupidity of humanity.

Mixed bag with cute stuff and sexuality? Yeah my artwork goes in all directions including sexual erotic art, satirical and deeply cynical extreme dark humour products. Many of my boardgames on the other hand are very cute tactical boardgames for kids with dynamical rulesets to explore creativity. So on my instagram one post can be a cozy boardgame and the next one include gore where someone is holding their inner organs in there hands or something equally weird. I have been thinking of making a second account with cozy stuff only actually.

Do you do drugs ? NO, I have a developed a surrealistic psychedelic mindset by myself and this is a question I get from time to time, I tried Marijuana 1999 but it was not for me and have no interest what so ever trying anything either. Coffee & carrots is all I need and I prefer things that are connected to my vision. It´s a personal thing if someone likes to do that, I dont judge people by that because I respect the individual choice.

Creations of Ushiri:
Editor/creator of USHiRimagazine Hello Clitty / Hello Fitty Penisbear loves you
Carrottribe ( Social group with odd creative people since 2006)
Nuke Norway Now – with Norwegian SS-zombies expansion and soundtrack
Little snail watch your tail – dynamic kids boardgame with music cd
Galactic worms – Psychadelic tactical wormwarfare to destroy the galaxy. Kramspelet / The hugging game
Dictator memory – memory game with all favorite dictators Opedagogiskt memory / Unpedagogical memory ,Pedagogiskt memory
Manga Hitler loves you! – A cute version of Hitler
Manga Mao loves us! – A cute version of Mao
Matches of death
Matches for kids – An ongoing artproject in many languages Slowdating project – For the senior citizens of Malmö Flashmob – I arranged the first flashmob in Malmö 2007

Music producer: ” Little snail watch your tail” childrens cd, Bible3000#1 techno compilation” with local artists from Skåne/Sweden, Bible3000#2 techno compilation#2 with local artists in Skåne/Sweden, Carrotalbum releaseparty for USHiRimagazine#1, Motivator for the carrotmetal songs ” The carrot guilt ” by Shadowland (2020) & ” Carrotgod by Avocadocat (2020).

Background mentally & Artwise:
I never grew up. My dad was drinking a bit to much and my mother was overburdened. She got a cycloid psycosis and went in and out in mental instution in St:Lars in Lund most of the 80´s. From 9 years of age to 15 I lived at 8 different temporary placements: fosterhomes, child orphanage, friends of the family and elsewhere. I went to 8 different classes in those years aswell. I had ADHD but the term was not invented and my grades sucked ass.This made me extremly obnoxious because I wanted to be in control of my life. I can´t count the physical fights I have been a part of as both a kid and a grown up even though I did not like it was allways a fight against others since there was allways a bully in each class. I got beaten all the time but never gave up. Problem with growing up like this is that it will probably create the following future: Alcoholic, criminal, junkie or dead. I went inside of myself and computer games quite much saved my life. I allways said no to drugs because I feelt it was the easy way to escape. Many of my friends from when I grew up are now dead because they made shitty life choices in overdose or killed themselfs. I never feelt the need for drugs since I have allways been able to go inside of my on mind, problem is going out of it.When people met me they see a grown up man but I´m just as curious on life as I was when I was a kid. This background really made me sort of Utvecklingsstörd/Retarded because my growing up was extremly disturbed and it still haunts me to this day. The amount of papers I have from all placements and shit could easily become half a bible. Still I enjoy life and with this behind me and has made me never judge a book its cover.

I have been drawing since he was 4 years old or earlier. First strong memory of my artwork was when my mother was crying hard because I had re-decorated the bathroom with a black marker, and asked her ” Don´t you think it looks nice? “, Good times good times.

Creative music listening?
nergy come out of total chaos in full speed techno ( Gabber,splittercore and all other techno with fat beats,, disharmony, folkmusic fushion, stringmusic , and latest the russian space operea terror audiovisual band ICE3peak.

Education: Said no to Konstfack/University of Arts and went for a one year Comicsartschool ” Serieskolan “in Malmö 1999.

Occupation: Different artprojects and Fountainhouse Malmö Sweden at the media section alongside members.

Art is regularly exhibited in Malmö at: The Veganbar, Dåndimpen recordshop, Café Jesusbaren, Fontänhuset Malmö and at permanent exhibitions at Drottninggatans psykiatri, 2 corridors with big psychadelic figures all over the place.

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