Ushiri Stenberg

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Swedish psychadelic & surrealist artist with unique design products that can´t be find anywhere else. Also a boardgamedesigner and comicsartist with a broad style. See my allmost daily updates with new artwork and shortmovies at my instagram

Regularly published in: Fountain magazine Malmö Sweden,Mosaic clubhouse London, Galago, USHiRimagazine.

Carrot for creativity?
The reason is to push out all those crazy ideas inside of my head so I can survive mentally, It is a must so I won´t kill myself. Stupidity of humanity of mankind is inspirational.

Boardgametesting at Red cross with Hanna

Other Inspiration & values:
Techno music in all forms, especially Gabber. I´m Inspired by the french clean lines, especially those by Giraud/Moebius. Robert Crumb with his exceptional crosshatching and free mind, Swedish horror artist Hans Arnold, gender values and equality. Antiheroes,Stupidity of humanity.

Do you do drugs ? NO, I have a developed a surrealistic psychedlic mindset by default.This is a question I get from time to time, I tried Marijuana 1999 but it was not for me. Coffee & carrots is all I need and I prefer thing that are connected to my vision. Its a personal thing if someone likes to do that, I dont judge people by that because I respect the individual choice.

Creations of Ushiri:
Editor/creator of USHiRimagazine Hello Clitty / Hello Fitty Penisbear loves you
Carrottribe ( Social group with odd creative people)
Nuke Norway Now – with Norwegian SS-zombies expansion and soundtrack
Little snail watch your tail – dynamic kids boardgame with music cd
Galactic worms – Psychadelic tactical wormwarfare to destroy the galaxy. Kramspelet / The hugging game
Dictator memory – memory game with all favorite dictators Opedagogiskt memory / Unpedagogical memory Pedagogiskt memory
Manga Hitler loves you! – A cute version of Hitler
Manga Mao loves us! – A cute version of Mao
Matches of death
Matches for kids – An ongoing artproject in many languages Slowdating project – For the senior citizens of Malmö Flashmob – I arranged the first flashmob in Malmö 2007

Music producer: ” Little snail watch your tail” childrens cd, Bible3000#1 techno compilation” with local artists from Skåne/Sweden, Bible3000#2 techno compilation#2 with local artists in Skåne/Sweden, Carrotalbum releaseparty for USHiRimagazine#1, Motivator for the carrotmetal songs ” The carrot guilt ” by Shadowland (2020) & ” Carrotgod by Avocadocat (2020).

I have been drawing since he was 4 years old or earlier. First strong memory of my artwork was when my mother was crying hard because I had re-decorated the bathroom with a black marker, and asked her ” Don´t you think it looks nice? “, Good times good times.

Creative music listening?
nergy come out of total chaos in full speed techno ( Gabber,splittercore and all other techno with fat beats,, disharmony, folkmusic fushion, stringmusic , and latest the russian space operea terror audiovisual band ICE3peak.

Education: Said no to Konstfack/University of Arts and went for a one year Comicsartschool ” Serieskolan “in Malmö 1999.

Occupation: Works at Fountainhouse Malmö Sweden at the media section alongside members.

Exhibitions in no particular order: ABF Malmö, Möllevångsfestivalen, Malmöfestivalen, Mercado designmarket, Vinylcafét, Ölcafeét, The basement, Söderberg & Sara, Malmö historiska museum designmarket Malmö tekniska museum design market, Lincon ( boardgame convention), Sydcon ( Boardgame convention ), Spiel Essen Germany ( Boardgame fair), NGBG Malmö, Markets: Genarpsdagarna, Sjöbomarknad, Vinlövs marknad

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