The half-dead slave

Text & art: bkdove Proofreader: Iain Dace

Unlucky people do not exist, it all depends on their state of mind. Weak people do not exist, it all depends on the tools in their possession. I was a slave of sector 74, assigned to the 10th wave deployment with the promise of freedom if I contributed to beating the main player in the combat arena. That’s every slave’s prize: stop your target, avoid being killed and you’re free to go. And if you achieve that, stay away from troubles in Vesta City or the troopers will bring you back here. This arena fight is not a complicated task. The only problem is that you’re on foot with only a rifle while your opponent is in a combat car, but apart from this small particular you can count on your squad members, if they manage to stay alive.

I was ready, mentally trained and half brainwashed, with just my legs, my weapon and a black helmet like the ones which only show chin and mouth. I jumped in the deployment truck assigned to stage 11, a hell of flames and metal. The other 5 guys from my squad continued to scream during the short trip. I stared at their desperate faces before the back door slammed on the burned floor. Slaves mostly die in the arena, they are just part of the entertainment, but that was not the case for me, at least not totally. We were lucky our driver was a good one, he avoided a minefield on the left and several chunks of debris in flames. If a driver dies before he can stop the truck and open the deployment door, we slaves are dead too. You know what I mean. The combat area was bigger than I imagined, a former warehouse converted into a fighting arena, very impressive. The audience was screaming, the stage lights were blinding and several rays of light were penetrating a big cloud of grey smoke. Some debris fell from above. I checked if my helmet was properly fastened.

The first thing I saw was a yellow laser shooting through the cloud of smoke and I heard screaming tires. That was our main target, a fully armoured black Viper model, drifting while disappearing again in the same cloud of smoke. We all shot with our rifles, we wanted that promised freedom. We didn’t hit. There was zero cover, our truck was gone. No wrecked car skeletons around. I realized why slaves die so often in the Carsteroids arenas. I also realized you have a few seconds to discharge all your firepower praying for your good aim and especially praying that your opponent does not notice you too soon.

We stayed in formation, we saw again our target on the right, it was busy trying to avoid a couple of explosive barrels. We shot and we hit! The barrels exploded, but the Viper spotted us and quickly turned around. He was on fire and charging us at full speed. We maintained our formation, we screamed and kept shooting straight ahead. The last thing I remember was the metallic bumper breaking my leg, me falling on the ground and the car passing on my arm. The helmet saved my head, but half of my body died. After that battle all our squad achieved freedom, but I am the only one able to tell of it.

Finnish Cargames – Review

Text & Art: Ushiri Stenberg

Flatout awesome!

When you are talking about cars in you usally hear about different things like engine power and how many miles it has driven and if the AC system is good and about bla bla bla and about the catalysing power of the riddlefilterring possibilities in the blobbpipelines and the thermal dipps in can do in 15 megswoosh.

I cant fathom how all that crap can be of any direct interest more than it’s cool to use one when you want to travel somewhere. If I want to have fun in cars then I play computer games where I can crash cars.

In the Finnish developed Flatout 2 which is an extremely good racing game on filthy roads all over the planet and industrial areas where more than 6000 objects fly all over the road when you driver around and you an crash into planks and all sort of rubble like bus stops and drive through windows in small restaurants and destroy all furniture just because you wanted to take a shortcut. All of this with epic grunge music slamming in the background with songs like ” I’m feeling dead inside” with a most broken male voice that has been drinking too much vodka and sand. Most of the cars are also extremely crappy, sexy and rusty mixed together.

But if you prefer more cool looking sports cars those are also available. My point is; how can you be so anal about the inside of a car, of course because you have a deep interest in it, Personally I always thought it was a sort of weak penis enlarger thing. I guess it’s the same if you are an outsider to some sort of music and just go ” Oh I hate hard rock” when it actually is Terrorcore (which is a niche genré in techno) that you hear. One person asked me one time what kind of car I would like to buy, I answered – “A yellow car” J.

Thanks Mimpo for showing me this game 😀

I give it 5 of 5 carrots, Available for: PC, Xbox360,Xbox,PSP,PS2

Gamereview: Flatout 2 carrotScore: 5/5