Grandmaster lineage

The lineage of the Grandmasters from year 0 to year 12020 (2020) in the human era. All Grandmasters except Ushiri XXVIII were chosen at a grown age. The latest Ushiri was chosen from birt by the Care-Root. 

Year       Name:

0-993     Ushiri I 

993- 1043 Miko I The rune forger and teacher

1043- 1230 Ushiri II

1230- 1420 Ushiri III

1420 – 1590 Ushiri IV 

1590-1890  Ushiri V

1890-2160 Miko II – the Exodus Leader (led her people over the frozen wastes into what was the heartland of the Indo European people after Atlantis sunk in 2014.

2160- 2550 Ushiri VI

2550-2950 Ushiri VII

After this time, the Atlantians lost in age due to mixing with the people of the steppes, but those chosen as Grandmasters continued o living long lives.

2950-3990 Ushiri VIII

3990-5654 Ushiri IX

5654-5930 Ushiri X

5930-7493 Ushiri XI

7493-8672 Ushiri XII

8672-9936 Ushiri XIII

9936-10064 Ushiri XIV

10064-10405 Ushiri XV

10405-10607 Ushiri XVI

10607-10789 Ushiri XVII – was at the Lindisfarne monestary, ancient texts and was killed by Vikings.

10789-11066 Ushiri XVIII – was killed in battle åt Hastings. Served also among monks in Anglo-Saxon monasteries. Was a servant to Harold Godwinsson. 

11066-11304 Ushiri XIX travelled Europe, went to Jerusalem and served its kings. He was captured and imprisoned in 11199 by the muslims, but with his divine knowledge of the Care-Root he was released and became one of many councellors of the Sultan Al-Adil I, or as he is known in the West, Sahadin*. Here Ushiri XIX became familiar with Sufi mysticism and their practice of dervish dancing. After the death of Al-Adil I Ushiri boarded a ship in Alexandria set for Genoa. After travelling far and wide in Europe, he settled down on a farm in Småland Sweden, where he was succeeded by the dual Grandmastership of Miko III and Ushiri XX.

11304-11509 The Grand Carrotmasters Ushiri XX,XXI,XXII and XXIII all died of plague or war. 

Miko III carried on until 11918 when she was lost  together with the Russian Imperial familj. She had then been serving the Romanovs since they took the throne in Russia in 1613.

11509-11709 Ushiri XXIV Fell under a Carolignian horse and got his head stomped in at Poltava. 

11709-11809 Ushiri XXV Was a high officer and followed Charles XII to Bender in the Ottoman Empire. After the whole royal contingent was expelled by the Ottomans they hastily returned to Swedish lands and started mustering a new army. In 11718 the king fell and all of a sudden that war was over. But as an officer there was work for him to do. During the Time of Freedom, he tended a small farm, not making much noice, just cultivating his inner carrot eating a lot of semla. When the king Gustav III call for all loyal officers to join his revolution, he answers his call. After that he is in active duty and ends up at the fortress Sveaborg. In 1809 he is at Sveaborg and indirectly help in the loss of the whole of Finland to Russia and abdicates from the title of Grand carrotmaster and dissolves into thin air immediately. 

11809- 11919 Ushiri XXVI . Ushiri XXVI is in Stockholm and gets the imessage from the inner Carrot that his old friend, the former grand Carrot master is dead and that he will take the sceptre of the grand Carrot master. Ushiri XXVI joins the coup to remove the king Gustavus Adolphus. Ushiri XXVI then return to tend to his predecessors farm. .

11919-11975 Ushiri XXVII. Ushiri XXVII travels to Russia in 11920 during the Russian Civil War to retrieve Miko III:s remains at Yekatherinburg and to bring her to the final restingplace at the grand Carrot masters masoleum atop Mount Narodnaya in the Ural Mountains. There lies all the grand Carrot masters that came after Miko II.

Returning from the Ural Mountains he ran into Trotsky and his war train. But after a small chat about politics over a cup of Tchai and a little communist revolutionary bulle, Ushiri is free to go. 

In the 1920’s and 30’s Ushiri tries to spread the word in Berlin, but people är more interested in their GT’s. The 30’s, 40’s, 50s and 60’s are shrouded in mystery. 

11975- ? Ushiri XXVIII  In 2006,through an intricate Care-Root seans, Ushiri came in contact with his future self. There he was told of future wonders. He was told that later that year, the Right wing Alliance would win the september elections, that the then Swedish primeminister in 2014 would speak of open hearts in the the migrant stream that would find its way to Sweden, and that after that, Sweden would again be a free and neat paradise. He was also told that there would be a world wide pandemic on the rise in Wuhan China in November 2019 and that it would reach all the world during 2020. All countries close down, except Sweden. He is also told about the demolishing of statues and riots in the USA and elsewhere. In 2023 three years after the Covid- 19 and the statue demolishing squads ravaged the world, the entire globe now have 

become more radicalized politically. Norway has secretly developed their own nuclear 

weapons. Anxious diplomats hear rumors of mysterious explosions in the mountains. The government 

denies all accusations, explaining the explosions as simply normal mining operations. Neighboring 

countries await developments.

Eventually, at an outpost near the city of Drammen something goes terribly wrong. The launch of a robot 

drone missile fails, as it hits the ground just 300 yards from the launch pad, detonating. The devastation 

is total; nothing in the historically ravaged city’s past can compare to it. Estimates of the immediate death 

count rise to 60000+. Radioactive contamination affects wildlife in a radius of 10 kilometers. The only 

signs remaining of this important communication point in southern Norway are those warning to keep 

away from the now dead and destroyed city.

Meanwhile Göran Persson grabs what he believes should always have been his: control over Sweden. He is convinced by his councellor Ushiri XXVIII to take power over Sweden. And so Göran Persson and his allied Sami Elite military capture the keys to Sweden in a bloodless coup d’état. Göran and his 

allies’ first move is to declare war against Norway because of the Norwegians resignation from the Union 

in 1905, and the threats of nuclear tests.

Our aging but still energetic Göran Persson’s speech to the nation through Swedish television triggered 

the uniting of Swedes and Sami!

“Dear patriots, Sweden faces a serious nuclear threat. Norway has always been a thorn in our side, 

jealous of our great country. I will not sit quietly and watch them conquer us. My patience is worn thin 

and it is time to show them our superiority. The time has come to act! As Sweden’s first president I 

declare a time for Sami and Swedish people to unite against this threat. Let us take their oil, let us put tar 

over their cities! And above all: Give them the same treatment they had planned for us. Let us paint their 

sky blue and yellow with Swedish bombs!…The A-bomb must fall over Norway”

The Norwegian government refuses to comment on the test launchings and denies all accusations of 

targeting Swedish sites. In a desperate attempt to preserve the balance of power in the region an 

agreement is signed by Sweden and Russia, providing a substantial grant for Sweden’s newly developed 

secret nuclear bomb project. Sami chiefs promise to support Göran Persson in the battle against Norway 

in exchange for control of greater areas in northern Norway and Sweden, laying the ground for a future 

Sami republic in which Ushiri XXVIII will wear the crown of the Sapmi. 

Ushiri finds out via a new Care-Root seans in 2007 that he picked his nose at the wrong time in 2006 and that that lead his future to be changed. But he took his new knowledge and created the boardgame Nuke Norway Now(c) that gets released in 2008.

In 2020 Ushiri again starts spreading the Word of the Care-Root through his magazine Ushiri.

( Submitted and collected by Miko the shrine maiden in 12020)