BILD & BUBBLA 229 2021 (Swedish proffessional comics journal)

Skånska dagbladet 2121-12-13

Sydsvenskan 2021-12-13 (Swedish)

Interview about Comics in Malmö by BID (Swedish, around 3:50min) 21-12-13

Dygnet runt 2021-09-??

In da paper..I leaned closely to our local politicians back dressed as Ladybugman from #carrottribe and I said “Do you want me to play titanic theme for you?” the answer was yes do it…I cant play at all and dont remember the song and went wild fluiting around with all tones I could muster…15 seconds later he said “It sounded exactly like the original”…. I really hope this area get saved from MKB building something horrible on it.. Me SuperNova and Marieke went there dressed up cause I missunderstood it as a costumefestival haha…but it was friggin epic dancing with Gynokratiska föreningen later and Batteria Malmö. Photo topright is copyright ngbgalexandra

Udda ting ( Podcast interview with Kultförklarade Henrik Möller) 2020-01-28 ( Swedish only)

Article in the Swedish newspaper Skånska dagbladet 2019 10-30. (PDF)

Intervju Creativa gemenskapen 2018 (Interview, Swedish only) (PDF)

Article : “Malmös konstigaste hobby” / “Malmös strangest hobby ” Swedish magazine Sydsvenskan 2016-10-15 ” He calls it poor mans Pokemon go” (swedish only) (PDF)

2013 in the newspaper ” Dagens nyheter”: A columnist wrote about that he found some mysterious public toilet writings like ” Bible 3000″ and ” Ushiri” , I later on got this from my friend Patrick that saw it in a paper. 🙂

Tidningen (Magazine) Drivet nummer 16 (Okänt årtal) Swedish only

Brädspels & Rollspeltidningen ( Boardgame/RPG Magazine) Signaler nr.62 maj 2009

Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan 26 februari 2007 (PDF)

Swedish comics industry magazine Bild & Bubbla, 1999 (PDF)