The ZigguRoot Carrottower


In the year of 12020 of The Human Era, one of the Carrots divine followers Iian Dace came to Grand Carrotmaster Ushiri with the full insight and divine plan of the Care-Root. 

”What if we would build a giant Carrot, both wide and far up in the sky!” The Grandmaster stroke his egg filled beard, and the thought took hold of his samurai soul, and he spoke;

”Yes, let us build this Giant Carrot, this…” his thoughts wandered again, and he also felt the inner Carrot speak to him. He raised his index finger to the wind and continued, ”…Ziggu-root. A place of worship, praise, joy, pleasure and pain! And also a depiction of what lies within! IT WILL BE A DEPICTION OF LIFE ITSELF!”

Iian watched The Grand Carrotmaster with awe from his position. 

The Grand Carrotmaster spoke again, reflecting over the greatness of their plan; 

”How should we build this fort of joy and pain?” 

”This will be a plan that will demand much of us true carrotenians!” Iian spoke.

”But my funds are stretched as it is, and when I have a full pouch of silver pennies, there’s only enough for a ”slät kopp kaffe” and a ”pizzabulle”! A distressed Grand Carrotmaster detailed.

”Aha!” Iian replied, ”but the Ziggu-root is not for bare non-computing mortals to see! The Ziggu-root will be built in the otherworld, that place known as Minecraft ©!”

Joy filled the Grand Carrotmasters heart and with love and compassion, gave up five ”släta koppar kaffe” and ten ”pizzabullar ” to buy his own copy of the otherworlds holy realm, Minecraft ©.

The Grand Carrotmaster Ushiri then rallied new and old Carrottribe members for them to give the Ziggu-root their personal touch, so that their vision of the Care-Root would come to fruition. 

In the beginning there was the flaming lava pillar, created by Iian, but when push came to shove, the implications of a fiery burning lava rod next to an organic form, such as the Ziggu-root, was not a path to follow. The Ziggu-root caught fire and although or glorious builders tried to stop the pillar with prayers and stone walls, the lava pillar wouldn’t budge. In a last desperate attempt, Then Snowframes the firefighter in charge and The Grandmaster tried the holy water of the Care-Root, and lo and behold, the fiery finger of the heavens was stopped in its tracks and the Ziggu-root work could continued.

Now time was of the essence! How do we build faster? The Grandmaster and the might of his work detail, Iian,

Nordbill and Billnord that in their eternal wisdom developed the Brainroom, where discussions later would take place for forging plans on world domination, and they also built the residence of said workforce during the building of The Ziggu-root. Brinnande tigern from Genarpia and his father the chiliobsessed Natrix were also in this very same work force. PhatKirby was also involved and took the initiative to build the huge torture chamber inside the Ziggu-root and also the inventor of the carroteyes, nose and…butt, they all joined in an effort to build faster with TNT, but instead of efficiency in their building plans, a chain reaction broke the flow of their work and destroyed the initial pillars of faith that was the foundation of the original Ziggu-root. But by chance and luck no one was left för dead by the incident. 

After the reconstruction of the Ziggu-root, the master builders together with The Grand Carrotmaster, put their minds together to build the Death jump. In there the Carrottribers make a leap of faith and show if they are true followers of the Care-Root. Now the Ziggu-root stands 200 meters up in the air of the otherworld known as Minecraft ©.

As last words of this account I would like to aknowledge Ushiri, known as The Grandmaster, that pushed on and led the entire project, also coming up with the ideas for the Carrot chamber and the Dance floor. Also to be aknowledged for the Carrot rollercoaster are Nordbill and Brinnande Tigern.

All was recorded in the carrot journals by Tuva Letler-Bayan the soon legendary carrotscribe and poet that can become one with the all seeying eye to see what others can not see. 

Carrottribers that took part in this event: 

Ushiri, Snowframes, 

BillNord,NordBill,PhatKirby,Brinnand e tigern,Natrix,Iain Dace, Tuva LetlerBayan the all seeing eye 

Thanks to: Au-gust,Leah,Pim,Mio,Herman,Iain,Charl ie,Ushiri,Jakob,Alfred, Tuva Letler-Bayan