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Technohead, musician, backdropartist, treehugger. Lives in Malmö, Sweden. Published first in USHiRimagazine#1

Ushiri: “World famous for his epic backdrops that have been all over the globe, from Japan to Mexico. If you are lucky you can sometimes see a postman hugging a tree with his both arms and legs, half a meter up from the ground, in my town. I met NOS at a techno party in the nineties somewhere in the South of Sweden, because he was the only one there also wearing tights with fractals in psychedelic colors by the cloth brand “Spacetribe!”

Contact: Talk to him or write Ushiri a mail.

A forum thread about NOS ” Kung NOS

Possible music connected to NOS as Noe Spagato at Soundcloud

Backdrops by NOS, Usually hes fluroscent artwork are between 2-5 meters:

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