Xerxes Rånby

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“I first met Ushiri behind a buzzing computer modem in the early nineties. Internet was not yet mainstream, but that did not prevent me to explore my digital surroundings.

While some of you may have dialed your friends or the hotline, I dialed the numbers of strangers Bulletin Board Systems, numbers that connected myself with these strange miniature digital worlds. Ushiri had such a world.

The modem gurgled, hizzed and finaly the lovely CARRIER CONNECTED message appeared when my machine connected with Ushiris digital world Necronomicon.

Necronomicon was a place for personal discovery, however if you stayed long enough inside this world you were caught by its guardian; the mighty Ushiri, who happily interrupted your search for knowledge in the digital realm of Necronomicon.

SYSOP INTERRRUPTION: all my keystrokes were now wired directly to the Ushiri brain…”

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