Helena Rosén

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Helena Rosén lives in Berlin Germany, the biggest playground for adult people in the world. She loves to play tabletennis and hanging out in recordshops. She’s Is looking forward to enter the age of aquarious and worships Greta Thunberg. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Helena: I was living in a collective in Malmö 2005, I met Ushiri for the first time and I fell in love with the playful glimpse in his eyes.

Keith Globe

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Keith Globe: Writer in Finland.
Around 30 years ago, I won the most important competition in my life. I beat down billions of competitors and got the award. Around 15 years ago, I used the same skill to be qualified as ‘International Pool Lifeguard’ and got a living. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Ushiri:We meet through couchsurfing and became so good friends that we lived together for a short period in life.

Andreas Rosengren

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Andreas Rosengren Comicartist/fanzinecreator/ compulsive sketchmaker living in Malmö.
“I’m interested in psychology, philosophy, horror, pulp and lots more.” Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Twitter: @rosengrenandreas
Email: andreas_rosengren@hotmail.com

Ushiri: I saw his supreme chaotic artwork first on instagram and learned that we are living in the same town 😀

Emma Holtze

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Poet, model, Göteborg,Sweden.

Moonbeam Hiker Månvända and Life Equilibrist. Border Line Pirate, Will-o’-thewisp and a Kitty paw paw Pixie. Some kind of homeless artist without guidelines. I’m all about to silence the voices and noises and move my body from A to B. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Contact: combatcat@gmail.com

Ushiri: We meet, never actually. We have known each other mentally and have been connected since 90´s at the subculture site Helgon.net, I see her as a part of myself and the sister I never got biologically

Annie Hansen

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Graphic design student,
kulturtant in training. Malmö Sweden.

Your local horror movie nerd. Lover of taxidermy, beetles, tattoos and all things art related. I study graphic design and visual communication at Östra Grevie Folkhögskola. My cat is named Rasputin and he is the light of my life. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Ushiri: We meet through her friend John when they visisted some of my exhibitions over the years. The topic about puke and horror are something we share a big love for.

Lars Krantz

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Lars Krantz Is a comic artist from sweden. He lives in Malmö and is currently working on his fifth comic book. He likes horror, comics and rpg:s. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Contact: Krantz@gmail.com

Ushiri: We meet through his dear girlfriend by a coincidence and we all went drinking beer together. Both of us share the love for the darkness and horrors of life.

Patrick Shadowland

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Patrick Shadowland, instruments, lead vocals and lyrics in Shadowland, a dark metal project. Debut album “Condemned to Perdition” released in 2018, 2nd album almost finished. Features guest vocalists. Also graphic designer and lead guitarist in Desoluna. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Ushiri: He wrote the song ” The carrot guilt ” Ie meet in the late 90´s. My strongest time was when he pretended to be a floorlamp. Together we´ve been to several deathmetal concerts and still hang out from time to time

Contact: shadowlandsweden.bandcamp.com

Ellen B Åkesson

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Ellen B Åkesson:Twitchgamer, PT, Circus artist, soldier, powerlifter,Sweden

Hej! My name is Ellen but you can also call me Ajvie which has been my ign since I was 5 (Pronounced Ivy). I am a 21 year old soldier, circus artist, personal trainer and powerlifter that loves to share my challenges and interact with cool people through Twitch. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Ushiri: I found her on twitch and watched many of her game sessions and then started to follower her since her physics and training sessions really impressed me what you can do as a human. I wrote an article about training in issue #2 and asked if I could use one of her inspirational photos.

Ellen B Åkesson instagram

Twitch channel

Karma Bis

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Karma Bis: Model, Italy
Sicilian born Japan Raised Tokyo as my fave aquarium gave me the perfect ground to express creativity with big groups and festivals also. Let’s admit here that Art and music are always been a part of my life since even younger age Now that I’m fighting cancer my love for my sons RIO&KENSHIN, plus those mentioned above still are the best tools to keep my soul focus. We never meet but we share 200% the same love for psychedelic colours. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

Ushiri: I found her fantastic colourful photos on instagram and we have talking back and forth since then.

Karam Bis instagram


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Avocadocat is the worst band in the whole world according to themselfs..Jonte and Oskar are completely different and combines the dumbest things into their music. The songs are mostly about dumb stuff like spinning coffee or worshipping a carrot God but they do have some serious songs. They shouldnt get attention. They suck. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

I found these lovely dudes at Instagram and really liked them. I was really inspired with their statement that they are the worst band in the world so I decided to make their logotype for free which is the cat with flames and also their text with the A feauturing the look of an avocado. They are very devoted carrottribers and created the awesome song ” Carrotgod” with the text like ” We shall worship you to the end! which is a tribute to me as a carrotprophet. I also decided that I wanted to do a merchandize shop for them since they really needed it 😀

I broadcasted their song “ Carrotgod” on the radio on my minishow ” Odd music with Ushiri” aswell. The interview I made with them can be read in issue#2 aswell the lyrics to Carrotgod.

Unfortunatly Jonathan TheDöD quit the band who I had the most contact with. He is now working with some sort of satanastic metal I think.

Contact: Instagram Spotify

Malena Persson

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Photographer. Lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ushiri: “We met in school last millenium, and have been good friends ever since.”

Malena: “At the moment all freelance photo work has been temporarily shelved due to UK wide Covid-19 lockdown. Prior to the pandemic I was mainly working with charities and environmental groups. However during the pandemic
I have luckily been kept busy creating weekly online arty events for the Scottish Arts Club where I have been the
social media coordinator since 2018″. Published first in USHiRimagazine#1

Contact: malenapersson.com

Annyca Hagberg

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Creative producer, graphic designer, musician, translator, proofreader. Lives in Malmö, Sweden.

Ushiri: We met in an organisation called “Kreativa gemenskapen” (“The Community Creative”) and found out that we both share a cynical aspect of life, yet still remain quite positive about it. Also I love her fantastic voice as a singer, which she didn’t mention above :).” Published first in USHiRimagazine#1

Iain Dace

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Creative inventor, proofreader, communicator & consigliere at NGBG. Lives in Malmö, Sweden (and was born in Bilston, UK). Published first in USHiRimagazine#1

Ushiri: For a long time he was a mysterious legend to me who brings people together to create awesome things and to join forces with in my home town. The man with the mysterious name, at least in Sweden, is here to proofread!”

Contact: hq@ngbg.se

NGBG art museum in Minecraft, Portrait to the left is made by Ushiri + CARROTTRiBE symbol of course.
Bossman Iain himself playing the piano at NGBG in Malmö Sweden.