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Avocadocat is the worst band in the whole world according to themselfs..Jonte and Oskar are completely different and combines the dumbest things into their music. The songs are mostly about dumb stuff like spinning coffee or worshipping a carrot God but they do have some serious songs. They shouldnt get attention. They suck. Published first in USHiRimagazine#2

I found these lovely dudes at Instagram and really liked them. I was really inspired with their statement that they are the worst band in the world so I decided to make their logotype for free which is the cat with flames and also their text with the A feauturing the look of an avocado. They are very devoted carrottribers and created the awesome song ” Carrotgod” with the text like ” We shall worship you to the end! which is a tribute to me as a carrotprophet. I also decided that I wanted to do a merchandize shop for them since they really needed it 😀

I broadcasted their song “ Carrotgod” on the radio on my minishow ” Odd music with Ushiri” aswell. The interview I made with them can be read in issue#2 aswell the lyrics to Carrotgod.

Unfortunatly Jonathan TheDöD quit the band who I had the most contact with. He is now working with some sort of satanastic metal I think.

Contact: Instagram Spotify

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