Ushiri boardgames

Over the years I´ve made several boardgames but I have only sold them at design markets or to people that know me personal. But I want to spread them to more people since they are quite different from the mainstream that you can find elswhere in the shops. All of my boardgames are handmade. Design, art, rules, making of the all the components with saw,scisssors,lamination, folding boxes, cuttingcardboards and gluing Is all done by me. Playtesting and defining the rules and more usually takes one year to make it to the unique game you buy from me. The price I take for my games Is quite low for the love you get that Is behind it and the fun you will have with it.

Galactic worms

Everywhere in the galaxy enormous worms are crunching and eating themselfes through the universe, sometimes even the “eternal carrot gods” will intervine.

Galactic worms is a 2-6 player fast-paced games where there can only be one worm when the universe is totally destroyed.

Aim of the game: each player starts with some worm parts and tries to eat as many planets as they can, and play out carrotcards/battlecards/”eternal carrot god” cards against each other. When all planets are eaten it´s time to kill of other players until there is only one left. When you destroy enemies you get some of their planets, when only one player is left it´s time to count who has most points. Count: eaten body parts, planets, and the length of the winner worm in play.

Game components:
1 psychedelic map 64x64cm ( with art by Peter Stenberg)
2 dice, more than 30 worm tiles, 45+ carrot cards, planets. + bonus stuff included.

Lilla snigel akta dig:

Dynamic childrens boardgame for 4 years and up Playing pieces are made of wood, and the gamemaps are of cardboard. The music cd contains 13 different version of ” Lilla snigel akta dig” performed by lots of different artists and in many genrés. Rules are available in: Swedish, German, Danish.

Nuke Norway Now

Allways wanted to A-bomb Norway and steamroll and
put tarmac all over it, including the cities and the civilians?

NUKE NORWAY NOW / Handmade not mass produced version.
English version officially released at Essen2009 together with NNN “the soundtrack”
Swedish version Officially released: 7 December 2008 (No longer produced)
Tactical & strategical boardgame for 2players
( includes a 3player scenario also)
Age: Ages 12 and up with an adult explaining the rules)
Gameplay time: 180minutes +

BoardgameGeekpage info about the game

Expansion “Norwegian SS-zombies

Including in the game box:
Big full colour game map
90+ Swedish units
90+ Norwegian units
30 other units.
A-bomb radiation diagram
36+ event cards

Perhapsable bonus:
Nuke Norway Now pin, NNN Warsong (opera)
NNN bookmark, NNN T-shirt, small book about Same.

Planned expansions in 2009
“Same rebellion 2011” for 3players
“Swedish Jihad outbreak”

Released expansions:
Norwegian SS-zombies ( here at bgg)

Translation to english for the Internationalmarket
by Wulf Corbett (also a boardgamegeek:))

Soundtrack by Henrik Svensson and the
pure satanicmetalband DemonicShadow and Emmerich.

NNN the soundtrack videorelease at youtube

1. March for Freedom ( Official Nuke Norway Now tune)
2. Legions of Death – Demonic Shadow
3. Vengeance – Demonic Shadow
4. In the Dark – Demonic Shadow
5. Medal of honour -Emmerich
6. March for Freedom (official party version)
7. Vaktregemente Göran Perssons marshvisa

All music is copyright demonicshadow,Henrik Svensson,
Emmerich, NNN music Peter Stenberg 009©

Norwegian SS-zombies

Trädgårdskriget / The garden war


In developement: Sötisar & monster, Monsterskatten

Shelfed for future developement: Swedish Jihad 2050, Nightmare snails, Same revolten (Expansion for NNN)